Shutters are simply stylish

Whatever your décor, shutters are definitely a window dressing to be considered, whether for a period home, cool city pad or for contemporary modern living they will add an exciting dimension to any scheme. Simply put we think shutters are as big a contender now for window dressings as curtains and blinds for 4 main reasons:-

Privacy An ideal choice that does not sacrifice valuable daylight whilst keeping out prying eyes

Insulation and Noise Reduction They provide an extra layer of insulation at your windows thus reducing noise levels from a busy street as well as shaving a little of your fuel bill

Light Control A perfect solution for controlling light, they can be fully opened and folded back or when closed the louvres can be angled according to the sun’s position. You can even choose the option of operating the top half independently from the bottom.

Versatility Many properties particularly period homes have beautiful feature windows which although look gorgeous can be tricky in terms of shapes and sizes. Opting for bespoke shutters enables you to have them made to fit windows of almost any shape or size and is a great way to accentuate, flatter and focus on these lovely features.

By using Drapemasters, your local shutter specialists you can be assured of the highest manufacture, quality and service. We are professionally trained and experienced to assist you at every step of the process, from choosing the right colours from our on-trend palette, to deciding the best configuration for your window, following through with perfect fitting and fully upheld guarantees.

Should you not be looking for shutters, we also offer an amazing range of wood slat venetians and many other soft furnishing services including curtains, blinds, pelmets and upholstery, made up in our own workrooms.

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As of Boxing Day we will be offering 20% off shutter orders placed between Boxing Day and Valentines Day.

House Warming

House Warming with Style…

Did you know standard double glazed windows allow 10 times more heat to flow through them? Imagine what the figures might be for more traditional forms of glazing. These ‘energy holes’ can leak up to 50% of your home’s heating. Windows not only lose our heat they also permit radiant energy to enter the home in the summer, significantly increasing the temperature within. By reducing heat loss and limiting the amount of radiant energy entering we contribute to the reduction of CO2 as well as make notable savings of up to 50% on our utility bills.

What’s the solution?

Gone are the days where we cannot enter a room which is uncomfortably cold or hot for there are several options to resolve this situation and all can achieve a stylish look in keeping with your home:-

Curtains & Roman Blinds

Good quality curtains or blinds can help retain 30% of heat which roughly equates to a shave of 20% off your annual utility bill. Not only are they effective thermal insulators they will prevent light from streaming in on those bright sunny mornings.

Specialist Linings for Curtains and Blinds

Through new technological advancements we now have a unique energy saving thermal interlining available for use in curtains and soft blinds. Specially selected recycled fibres in this lining reduce heat loss and offer up to 50% increase in thermal retention thus reducing energy costs. Unlike some traditional interlining this product is lightweight, luxurious and flexible so ideal for making up our hand sewn curtains and blinds. They both look and feel good whilst giving you a good return on your investment.

Specialist Blind Products

Manufacturers have worked hard on reducing heat loss and radiation and now have some great products available in roller, vertical and pleated blinds with insulation properties and control of solar heat by reflection. Blinds have the additional advantage of giving us greater command of the amount of light entering a room. These are well worth considering for conservatories and garden rooms allowing you further all year round use of these rooms.

Drapemasters offer advice on all these products and flawless fitting, safeguarding manufacturers’ warranties. We come to you, measure your windows, show you samples and recommend the best solution for your situation. We ensure your curtains or blinds realise their full beauty and potential, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the atmosphere created by them and the energy savings achieved!